Long Term Nursing Care

Long-Term Nursing Care in Jersey City, NJ

If your loved one is experiencing a chronic condition, progressive illness, or injury that impacts their ability to complete daily activities independently, they may be a candidate for long-term care. At Optima Care Harborview, we offer long-term care as a means to meet our patients’ personal care needs over a prolonged period of time. We understand the strain that chronic or progressive conditions may place on family members. As such, we also strive to relieve the physical and emotional toll that often comes with taking care of a loved one. Conveniently located in Jersey City, New Jersey within Hudson County, our facility is designed to ensure that your loved one feels at home while being provided the assistance they need to optimize their well-being and quality of life.

Many of our patients who receive long-term care have conditions that limit their ability to live independently and take care of themselves. In some cases, these patients may be experiencing the progression of an illness such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s, dementia, or another cognitive disorder. The need for long-term care may also arise for more sudden conditions such as a heart attack or stroke. While it is difficult to predict how much long-term care someone may need, there are a few risk factors that are associated with the need for long-term care. These include older age, living alone, having poor eating and exercise habits, and having a family history of certain medical conditions.

Patients at our facility may stay on a temporary or ongoing basis depending on their condition and recovery trajectory. Those who stay on a more temporary basis ranging anywhere from a few weeks to months may be seeking rehabilitation from a hospital stay, recovery from an injury or surgery, recovery from an acute illness, or respite for a terminal medical condition. Patients who may need ongoing long-term care ranging from months to years may be experiencing chronic medical conditions, chronic severe pain, permanent disabilities, and cognitive impairments associated with brain injury or dementia.

Long-term care encompasses a range of services and supports to address basic personal care needs. These are commonly referred to as activities of daily living and include bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring between a bed and chair, and eating. Individuals may also be supported in other everyday activities known as instrumental activities of daily living. These include housework, medication management, money management, meal preparation, grocery shopping, using the telephone and other communication devices, and responding to emergency alerts.

At Optima Care Harborview, assistance in the above activities are provided by a range of professionals including nurses, nursing aides, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and speech therapists. Our nurses and nursing aides are available on a 24-hour basis to tend to our patients’ care needs. Occupational therapists help our patients with functional mobility, training in activities of daily living, positioning, and therapeutic exercises. Physical therapists work on balance and other exercises to help our patients maintain strength and decrease their risk of falls and other injuries. They also strive to reduce discomfort through pain management techniques. Speech therapists address any difficulties our patients have with communication, cognition, and swallowing as a result of their underlying diagnoses.

To learn more about our team and the long-term care services we offer, reach out to us at Optima Care Harborview today. We are a family-centered practice that seeks to work with both you and your loved one to ensure all-around compassionate and quality care.