Stroke Rehabilitation

Stroke Rehabilitation in Jersey City, NJ

At Optima Care Harborview, we believe rehabilitation is key to optimizing recovery from a stroke. Our inpatient stroke rehabilitation program is designed for any individual who has undergone a stroke and has resulting motor or sensory impairments. These impairments may impact their ability to complete daily functional tasks, which in turn may lead to decreased independence in everyday life. As such, the goal of our program is to help stroke survivors regain as much independence as possible following their stroke and hospital stay.

Patients typically participate in our stroke rehabilitation program for a few months, but their stay may be shorter or longer depending on the severity of the stroke and their specific rehabilitation goals. Variables involved in the planning of rehabilitation goals include the location of the stroke, the type and degree of resulting impairments, the patient’s overall health, and their access to family and community support. Since our program is run on an inpatient basis, patients receive at least three hours of therapy five days a week. Services provided at Optima Care Harborview are extensive and meant to help patients regain the skills they need to be able to better participate in self-care and meaningful life activities.

Our program is run by a multidisciplinary team of professionals who devote their time to addressing each patients’ unique physical and psychosocial needs. The onsite rehabilitation nurse provides general patient care, which includes the monitoring and management of post-stroke symptoms and other health conditions patients may be experiencing. Many of our patients receive occupational therapy to relearn skills that underlie the performance of everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing and grooming. Occupational therapy also works on cognitive retraining to address any cognitive deficits patients may have experienced as a result of their stroke. Meanwhile, our physical therapists engage patients in movement exercises and regimens that target their goals related to balance and overall walking proficiency.

Speech-language pathologists and other health personnel also play a vital role in our stroke rehabilitation program. Patients who receive speech therapy typically work on goals related to talking, feeding and swallowing. We also have an onsite social worker to help our patients make decisions about living arrangements, insurance, and home support services following their participation in our program. For patients whose goals are in line with returning to work, we offer vocational training to encourage opportunities for practice in work-related skills. In addition to these services, we provide family support as a means to address any concerns regarding finances and lifestyle changes patients and their families may have. Given the value we place in family involvement, we make sure both patients and their families are involved in discharge planning throughout the entirety of the program.

To learn more about our inpatient stroke rehabilitation program, reach out to our team at Optima Care Harborview today. We are located in Jersey City, New Jersey within Hudson County, and at the forefront of our work lies our mission to ensure that each of our patient’s goals and well-being are prioritized.