Proudly serving
Jersey City
and Hudson County
An Optima Care Community
Caring for people, not just patients.
Rest, recover, and live forward

Optima Care Harborview

Our elite facility located in Jersey City, New Jersey delivers a warm, supportive and uplifting environment for both short-term rehabilitation patients and long-term care residents.

Our Services

Alzheimer’s and
Dementia Care

Hospice and
Palliative Care

Cardiac Rehabilitation
and CHF Therapy

Little Neck Care Center


IV Therapy
and Treatment

Little Neck Care Center


Pulmonary Rehabilitation
for COPD

Little Neck Care Center

Physician Availability

Little Neck Care Center

Trach Rehab

Little Neck Care Center Respite Care


Veterans Care

Little Neck Care Center


Our warm and caring staff at Optima Care Harborview believes the key to great care is focusing on the resident as a person and not a patient. We take on the responsibility to ensure your loved one receives the best possible care and comfort in our clean, safe and friendly facility that will truly make you feel at home.

At Optima Care Harborview we provide expert care in a warm environment to truly be your home away from home.

We recognize how important maintaining a sense of community is to living forward.